Love Team Names

On the eve of November 1 (almost Nov. 2), instead of sleeping, me and my cousin Camille were busy creating love team names (LTN). I don’t exactly remember why we ended up making LTNs at 1 in the morning and laughing like maniac. Me and Camille had this habit of talking before we sleep.

A little backgrounder…

Whenever we’re in Pampanga I always stay with the Barcebal family and become roomies with my favorite cousin, Camille. Every time we’re together, we always end up talking until dawn. We talk about the most random and senseless things, but sometimes we also have those “oh-so-deep-conversations.” I guess, it’s because we’re of the same age and we can relate to one another or we’re just both cray-cray. 🙂

Back to LTNs!

It started with her parents, then my parents and then we started creating LTNs for almost everyone in the family. We had to write it down so that we won’t forget it in the morning.

Some LTNs are really crazy and weird sounding, though some are sort of normal. hehe

Without further ado, here are the love team names the geniuses created! 🙂

Maning (+) and Kika (+)– Manki Dennis and Jo AnnDenjo
Miding and Benson– Mison Jeffrey and IvyJevy
Baby and Boy– Baboy Judy and Jeff-Jujo
Palet and Piding–  Pilet Robert and CecilRobcil
Ato (+) and Reng– Ateng Michael and Sarah– Micsar
Lei and Mando– Leiman Sonny and Angeline– Sangeline
Myrna and Armin– Myrmin Karen and Baldo– Kaldo
Clarita and Boy Claboy Joseph and Lovely– Jolove
Allan and Josie– Jolan Jojo and Sarah– Josar
Joy and Daniel (+)– Joyniel Marie Kharr and EricMaric
Choco and Pye– Chocopye
Levin and AnneLevan

This post is purely for fun. We don’t mean to disrespect or offend anyone. If you are offended, please do tell me and I will take this down.

Enjoy and have a good laugh! 🙂


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