People watching

What if you’re stuck in a bus station with no one to talk to, nothing to do and hungry, what would you do? What’s the fun thing to do when you’re in a bus station you might ask. There is one, PEOPLE WATCHING!

It’s free, fun and there’s never an end to the people coming in and out of the station.

Out of boredom, that’s what I actually did last night while waiting for my cousin. I guess, it’s what I always do when I’m in public and I have nothing better to do. My mind doesn’t wanna go idle! Please don’t think of this as voyeurism, that’s a totally different story! Observing people is like digging ancient treasures, you wanna know part of their (hi)story. I see the little things, I remember the things some people might take for granted and I nit pick things other people wouldn’t care about. Me and my fascination (and obsession) with knowing other people’s stories, hai!

So yes, I was observing last night…my mind running on full speed. It couldn’t have been a better way to de-stress after an extremely stressful week.

Here are just random observations while I was people watching:

  • Filipinos always bring home pasalubongs and the most common pasalubong is doughnut (or donuts to some, whichever you prefer)!

Name it, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donut, Mister Donut, Go Nuts Donuts and J.Co! It’s the most common food they bring home. Maybe because it’s less hassle to bring home, easy to eat and (at least for DD, MD) it’s cheap.

If people are not bringing doughnuts, they’re carrying a box of cake. It must be the Filipinos love for sweets that the paslubongs are mostly desserts. It’s actually quite cute (forgive the high school-is term!) to see big burly men carry those little boxes of dessert (Of course, there were also women bringing home some goodies).

  • People are always super excited to get home. They wouldn’t mind standing up for an hour or so inside the bus just to get home. It’s like a “I’d rather stand and get home earlier, than be seated and waste my precious time that I’m supposed to be spending with my family” scenario.

People scurrying like rats across the bus station is a scene not to be missed!

  • Big bags! Men and women carry big bags (as if mine’s any smaller) that contain god-knows-what. Maybe a gun, a bomb, a very large knife and loads of drugs. :d

These are just very few observations I have, there might still be more. Have you observed anything else in a bus station or elsewhere? Drop a comment and tell me about it. 🙂

P.S: Forgive the lazy post and sorry for neglecting this blog. There have been really exciting things happening in my life, but for some weird reasons, I’m too lazy to blog about it.


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