Highlights of my February in pictures

Let me keep this short and sweet, just like the month of February. A lot of things happened this month; things that are truly memorable and things I’d rather forget. The first week of February, I was celebrating Chinese New Year with my office and on that weekend, me and my family drove to Tagaytay to go sight-seeing,

On the second week, I met up with a friend, to talk about life decisions (haha!). When I got home, I received the book I ordered online. Β Then on that week we celebrated Valentine’s day. Well, I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, so I celebrated it with my friends.

Thinking about it, my February was all about eating and spending time with people I’m close with. Not complaining though! It was actually fun and crazy month. I wouldn’t say that I totally love it, but well, I learned a lot from it. πŸ˜‰