Why doesn’t Kame use social media?!


Photo credit: Tokyohive

There’s this old article I saw on Tokyohive while browsing about Kamenashi Kazuya. The article talks about why Kame doesn’t use social media. It’s a very simple article, no frills, no big words, just the reason(s) why he’s not using social media.

What caught my attention was his statement at the end of the article:

There’s something beautiful about keeping certain aspects of your life hidden. Maybe people and clouds are beautiful because you can’t see everything.

It’s really nice, no? It made me fall in love with Kame even more. I’m not that updated about him or other KAT-TUN members, so it’s nice to read something so, errr, philosophical (hahahahaha) from him!

I must read other J-pop news and I must listen to J-pop songs again!