Going back in time

I was supposed this last March, but because of my busy schedule and laziness I’m just posting this now. Forgive me.

One lazy day, I decide to message one of my closest friends. I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere on a weekend, maybe go to the mall, have lunch and watch a movie. I just wanted to leave the house! Then he suggested that we go somewhere, you know a little road trip since we just did that once. I immediately said yes! Who would say no to a chance to leave the metro and go somewhere far from the hustle and bustle.000_860529_10200575308455962_907204938_o

So it was decided that we’ll got to Taal, Batangas. Nope, it’s not the place where you’ll see Taal volcano (the smallest volcano in the world), it’s actually a quaint little town that’s 131 kilometers away from Manila and is right beside (or near?) Balayan Bay.

I was SUPER excited to go there because of the antique houses and the history of Taal. Little known fact about me: I love antique houses. I would die to own a bahay na bato. It’s definitely one of my dreams! History is one of my favorite subjects. So, the history of anything is important to me. I wouldn’t exactly call myself as a history buff, but history has a special place in my heart.

After a more than two-hour drive, we finally reached our destination. Honestly, I wasn’t fully able to appreciate the town when we first entered because I was driving. Busy concentrating on the road. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

I was gushing with excitement when I saw the old houses, the town hall and the Church! VISUAL OVERLOAD!!!

The whole town was preserved mainly because it’s a heritage town.

So as not to make the post long and not to bore you with so much details, here are the places we visit (in order):

We weren’t able to see all the sights in Taal, since we were only there for a day trip. I’d definitely want to go back there with my family this time. Maybe when my mom comes home next year.

If you want to read more about our experience, the check out my friend’s blog. It’s more detailed and he also posted tons of pictures.

Wanna go to Taal, but you have no idea how? Here’s their official site, it would help you in planning for your trip.

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