Last Cinderella

Last night, while I was killing time on the Internet, I decided to checkout DramaCrazy. I wanted to watch a new Asian series, but I had no idea what’s new so I checked out the latest releases. I’m not really a fan of period dramas, I was just looking for a light drama…I wanted rom-com! I saw one entitled “Last Cinderella.”

Last Cinderella

Curiousity got the best of me so I clicked the link and read the description:

Sakura (Ryoko Shinohara) is a single 39-year-old woman. She works at a beauty salon as its vice manager. Sakura makes customers pretty, but she isn’t interested in making herself pretty. She envies falling in love, but at the same time is afraid of falling in love. One day, at a party, Sakura meets Hiroto (Haruma Miura), who is much younger than Sakura. Hiroto is a bike rider and is attracted to Sakura.

Meanwhile, Rintaro (Naohito Fujiki) is a manager at beauty salon where Sakura works. Rintaro likes making biting remarks, drinking alcohol and using his scissors.

“Okay, Haruma Miura is in the drama…I.MUST.WATCH.THIS!”

That’s the first thing that entered my mind when I read the description. Even if it was already late, I still decided to load and watch it. Last Cinderella somehow reminds me of Hotaru No Hikari (the last drama I’ve watched). Her messy house and the way Sakura acts reminds me of Hotaru! Haha it’s a good watch…who wouldn’t enjoy a half-naked Haruma?! Haha

The drama is very entertaining (I’m enjoying every bit of it!), it’s story is straightforward and the characters are adorable! The only thing I’m complaining about the drama, is Haruma’s chaka (ugly) hair! Why do they have give Haruma a “wtf-is-that-a-perm hair?!” But I guess that wouldn’t stop from watching the drama. I can’t wait to watch the next episode of Last Cinderella! 😀


4 thoughts on “Last Cinderella

    1. Hindi ko pa alam. Kaka-start lang 2 weeks ago. Pero usually hindi naman ganun kahaba yung mga Japanese drama. 🙂


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