Visiting the Queen City of the South

My parents are not really the type of people who would just let me go anywhere I want, when I want. They’re pretty lenient, but when it comes to traveling my parents are the strictest. It’s always hard to convince them to let me go somewhere. There’s no point in arguing with them. Instead of asking them, I sometimes just tell them I’m going somewhere without exactly telling them where I’m going. I know it’s a bad idea, they should know…just in case something bad happens. But I’m feeling a bit rebellious, so I go somewhere. Tsk!

Out of boredom and stress, I decided to book a flight going to Cebu. It was January and I’m feeling restless at work. I decided to go to Cebu on April because there’s a holiday and it’s the start of summer, plus the flights are cheaper!

Before booking my ticket, I’ve already been dropping hints to my dad, that I’ll be going to the Queen City of the South. He didn’t agree at first (what’s new?!), but after enough convincing and sweet talking, he finally agreed. I was super excited. It’s my first time to go somewhere alone and it’s my first time in Cebu.

One of my closest friends in college now lives and works Cebu. She was kind enough to let me crash at her apartment, so I didn’t need to book for a hotel. She was also the one who toured me around the place. When I think of my 4 days in Cebu, I get this fuzzy feeling. Maybe because I felt at home? Haha but I totally enjoyed my stay there. No regrets in filing a leave and not having a money the following week! Hopefully, I can do it again. Go somewhere and just enjoy the scenery, good food and hospitality of people.

Thank you, Cebu for welcoming me with open arms! I can’t wait to go back and explore the other places I’ve missed.

Where we went:
Where we ate:

Side story:

When I got to Cebu, my friend picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Maribago Blue Water Resort. Just before lunch, we were at the pool, swimming. Because I’m weird and reckless, I sort of dived on the pool. I “kissed” the bottom of the pool and got my lips busted. My upper lip was bleeding and it swelled up; I looked weird and pathetic. What a way to start my vacation in Cebu, no? 🙂

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