Finding my fairy tale

Let me take a break from posting my kitchen (mis)adventures and let me post something life related.

By now, I guess you’ve heard about the Ai ai Delas Alas-Jed Salang break-up. The Philippine showbiz was rocked when one of the best comedians in the industry announced her separation with her husband of 1 month, Jed Salang. Everyone didn’t expect it to come so soon. They’ve only been together as husband and wife for more than a month!

Photo courtesy:
(Photo courtesy:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted longer, can you believe it?!

Photo courtesy: Us Weekly
(Photo courtesy: Us Weekly)

Anyway, from what I’ve read Ai ai and Jed have been in a relationship for a total of 15 months (1 year, 3 months). In my understanding from an article, the comedian’s decision to get married to her boyfriend was done in haste (that’s what I understand, okay!). She thought she has found the man of her dreams, someone who would complete here fairy tale. But as you all know, it is not the case.

Her husband, apparently, has abusive tendencies. Moreover, the guy was portrayed as “leech” who only wanted Ai ai for her moolah! The girl just wanted to have her fairy tale, but ended up in a horror story instead! 😦

Despite all that happened, according to Ai ai, she learned a lot of things from her recent experience.


This blog is not a gossip site, I just want to relate her experience with my totally different experience (but somehow, I feel that they’re comparable)!

I’ve been feeling down because of work lately. Just like Ai ai, I thought that this was a fairy tale — that if I moved in this job, everything will be alright. But instead of feeling satisfied, I actually craved of going back to GMA or even other network. I just want to get out of this muck!

Hello, I miss you!

Transferring to this job was done in haste. I regret not asking my parents, friends and even my brother for an opinion. It was my decision to transfer here and I hate myself for that. After almost a year of being here, I’m desperately trying to get out of here and go back to working in a network! Yes, I miss being stressed while trying to finish my takes in time. How I wish I could go back and change my decision. How I wish, I could’ve stayed put at GMA. How I wish, I just sucked it up and got over it. I know, I couldn’t alter my decision, but I know I can still make choices that would make me happy.

I realized that my job is like a boyfriend. You’ll never realize how that job means to you, until you left it and chased something else. You have a love-hate relationship with your job, but at the end of the day you realize that that’s something you would like to hold on to. Just like in a relationship, we also become stupid when it comes to choosing our careers, we thought this is the best for us. Then we realize that we already had the best but we chose to let it go.

It’s never too late (at least for me) to go back to what makes me happy. I can still try something different. Being away from news for almost a year, has taught me a lot of things. It wasn’t a waste that I transferred here, because I’ve met amazing people, I’ve matured more and it has toughened me up.


So, I’m back to square one. Back to seeking that job that is truly for me. I hope you guys pray for me; I badly need it! This time, when a job lands on my lap, I promise to take time in considering the pros and cons, I promise to ask for advice and I promise to stop being so whiny!

I know this journey has been for a reason. I trust that there is a divine plan in effect, and that is why I believe You.


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