International Adobo Day

Are you aware that the Philippines doesn’t have any national dish. Try typing the keyword “Philippine national dish” on Google and it would give you this:

philippine national dish   Google Search
The Philippine national dish, according to Google

Unofficially, adobo has become the national dish of the Philippines. Come to think of it, if you ask any foreigner who has visited the country or has Filipino friends what Filipino dish they have eaten (or would love to eat again), mostly (if not, all) would answer adoboIt’s a simple dish that has captured everyone’s taste buds. There is no particular way of cooking adobo; every province has their version of popular dish, even families have their own version of adobo.

Photo courtesy:
Chicken Adobo Photo courtesy:

Despite the adobo‘s popularity, there was never a huge festival for it here in the country. There are different organizations that has organized a festival, but there was no city-wide (or province-wide) festival. We have lechon festival in Balayan, Batangas, longganisa festival in Vigan, Ilocos Sur and bangus festival in Dagupan, Pangasinan; but why don’t we have a festival for adobo?!

Adobong dilaw (reminds of tinola because of its ginger-y taste)
Adobong dilaw from Taal, Batangas

So on June 12, 2013 (Wednesday and Philippine Indepence Day), Filipino Food Network will have an International Adobo Day!

Different kinds of Filipino adobo from not just all over the Philippines, but the world would be featured. Pinoys, everywhere unite and make an Adobo Compact — that is, to COOK, SHARE, AND UPLOAD. COOK your own version of adobo, SHARE it with fellow Pinoys or foreigner friends, take a picture of them sharing it, and then UPLOAD and email it to The most creative photo wins a special prize from Filipino Food Network.

Don’t forget to visit Filipino Food Network’s Facebook page for more info. 🙂



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