I’m such an irresponsible blogger

Please forgive me. I know you guys deserve a better update than this, but a lot has been going on in my life now. As usual!

I resigned from my job and well, I don’t have a new job yet. I don’t what’s happening with me life!!! CRAAAAAAZY!

We bought a dog!!! A Belgian Malinois named Orion. He’s such a handsome dog! I just want to squish him. He’s not a cute dog, but a fierce dog, that is according to my friend. But gah! He’s such a fine dog. He’s turning 3 months old on the 28th!!!

Please forgive the stressed and oily face
He just got his vaccine that’s why he looks drunk

I’ve started listening to EXO. I’m still a VIP, but I’m enjoying EXO’s music. hahaha

Have you guys heard Wolf?

My brother hates the song so much, because of the “Awoooo!” part. Anyway, I like their new song, “Growl.” Don’t you just love their dancing and the music video that was taken in one long shot? Amazeballs!

Who’s your favorite EXO member? Mine’s Kai!

RAWR!!! |Photo credit: as tagged
RAWR!!! |Photo credit: as tagged

I like his (kind of) bad boy charm, plus the way he crinkles his nose. So cute! Hahaha okay, there’s way too muchΒ fangirling in this post, I need to stop! πŸ˜›

Please forgive me, for giving you such a lousy update. I promise to post my kitchen misadventures in a few days. πŸ˜€


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