As you all know, I’ve recently become a fan of EXO. My ultimate bias is definitely Kai or Kim Jong In. In my opinion, just like THIS blog, he’s the manliest among the members of Exo. Hahahaha He’s not the best singer (errr rapper), but oh gosh! He dances really good. Guys who can dance are sexy! Hahahaha

Anyway, I’ve been watching tons of Exo videos and I couldn’t help but be reminded by someone when I see Kai. Not a lost love of mine, but a J-pop artist. I know you all know the (in)famous (B)Akanishi Jin. Well, Kai reminds me of him. It’s not really the way Kai dances, but the facial expressions!


I think, it’s Kai’s mischievous smirk when he looks at the camera that reminds me of Jin. Sometimes I also see Jin, when Kai dances. I’m not saying that Jin, is a good dancer as Kai, it’s just the way they move. Maybe, it’s also the angsty look they have, sometimes. I dunno!

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If you don’t think they look-alike, then maybe you can see them as brothers?! Kai, could definitely pass as Jin’s brother. Just look at them!

Forgive me for randomly blogging about this.

Anyway, check EXO and Akanishi’s latest MV.

Growl -EXO

Hey What’s Up – Akanishi Jin

Funny Kris! Hahaha
Funny Kris! Hahaha
I just had to post this. Hahaha
I just had to post this. *smirk*

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