Awkward Rant


I seriously question that girl’s ability to handle relationships! She always gets what she wants but she doesn’t seem to know how to keep it.

Awkward 2

Well, here's an advice from yourself!
Well, here’s an advice from yourself!

Jenna, you’ve managed to become the best female character on TV to the worst character in just three seasons! Way to ruin your life girl! Even if I like Collin’s character, I doubt you should be kissing that dude. Keep your lips off of him! Remember, you have a boyfriend!

Awkward 4 Awkward 7

I feel bad for Matty, how can you do that to him, when he’s been such an amazing guy? Sure, he’s not a perfect boyfriend and he has his faults, but Matty has been a wonderful person.

Matty's face is so heartbreaking.
Matty’s face is so heartbreaking.

I hate you Jenna and I hate your guts! Just because Collin likes you, you suddenly give in? Girl, you are way better than that. Congratulations on forgetting that you have a boyfriend and ruining your very own relationship. I am not really a part of Team Matty in season 2, but now, I am definitely on his side. I am seriously questioning Jenna’s ability to sustain relationships! How can she be so stupid?!

Awkward 5 Awkward 6

I want to bitch slap her. UGH!!! Forgive me for being too invested in this TV show.

*Goes to the corner and cries for Matty*

Awkward 3


4 thoughts on “Awkward Rant

      1. Yup! Hahaha Season 3 na. Yan lang yung napagtyatyagaan kong series. 20 minutes lang yan per ep. 🙂


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