Back from the unknown

Hello! I’m finally back from the “underworld!” Please excuse my corny joke, but yes, I’m finally blogging again; venting my feelings and posting random stuff that don’t even interest other people. So, hello dear readers, welcome! (That is if I even have readers. Hehe)

Forgive me for having commitment issues with my blog. Three reasons why I don’t post:

  1. I’m lazy (which is the main reason, most of the time)
  2. I’m full of angst that I can’t even construct a decent sentence. I don’t want this blog to be stained with profanities; I want to keep this blog clean.
  3. Lastly, nothing interesting is happening in my life, in short, my life is boring!

I don’t know what has gotten into me today, but I decided to blog, so yey!

April 25, 2014, I posted my the entry “The art of waiting.” I can still remember what I felt when I posted that entry; I was oozing with positivity and felt like I was on top of the world. I should be really feeling that way because I’ve really waited to hear that good news for months. My patience and faith in God was really tested at that time, and thankfully I’ve emerged victorious in that “battle.” After going through that experience, I’ve learned to be more thankful and patient in everything. I’ve also learned how to manage my stress better! Haha on a serious note, I haven’t blogged before because of all the angst in my life. I didn’t need to share the negative vibes to other people.

I think I have matured more during my unplanned hiatus from blogging, which is what I needed at that time. I needed to grow up, face the consequences of my actions and learn how to solve my problems like a mature woman. Maturity is what I needed since I’m already 24, but still act like an 8-year old brat sometimes.

You can say a lot has changed during these past three months, good changes to be exact.

How am I faring these days? Better! Better that I have been for the past 2 years. I wouldn’t say that my life right now is all about rainbows and butterflies, neither is it riddled with problems. My life right now is calm, just like the ocean during summer. There are waves, but not big and strong enough to shake my little raft. I’ve met people in this ocean; people who have become friends and allies of mine.

Wow, this entry is so bipolar! The first part is just chill, then come second part, I’ve become so deep. Haha, my laziness is getting me. Forgive me if I end this entry crappily.

I want waffles!


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