On the loop with pop culture

Have you guys listened to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989?

Taylor Swift 1989

I have listened to it and I’m a converted Swiftee! Hahaha 1989 is such nice album, definitely my favorite album from Taylor Swift. All of her songs in 1989 is a good listen. Unlike in her former albums, I rarely skipped a song in this album because the songs are eargasm. Out of the WoodsΒ is my clear favorite in this album, followed byΒ New Romantics.

The album is giving me so much feels! Hahaha

Drowning in feels

I honestly don’t know why I am listening to her album, I’m not heart-broken and neither can I relate to some of her songs, but it’s so emotional that I love it! Maybe because I am that kind of person. Haha I just started listening to the album, when I heard my friend in the office listening to it.

My brother asked me earlier why I am suddenly listening and playing Taylor Swifts songs on loop. He must be weirded out because I usually listen to K-pop. πŸ˜›

Ohhh, I finally watchedΒ Interstellar last night with my office friends! It was amazeballs!!!


My brother and I were discussing it when I got home (he watched it in the afternoon with his friends). He then started explaining to me the concept of time dilation and quantum gravity, because he’s a major nerd! Hehe he’s a physics major that’s why he likes explaining to me physics concepts, which I weirdly enjoy. #nerdgasm

So glad that I watched Interstellar! If you haven’t watched it, you MUST watch it! I promise, you wouldn’t waste 169 minutes of your life! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “On the loop with pop culture

    1. Yes! Ang ganda nung album, super sulit. Hindi ako na-bore sa mga kanta nya. πŸ™‚
      Nerdgasm yung Interstellar! Hahah


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