Sagada (Day 0-1/2)

Last April, I impulsively joined Travel Factor’s Conquer Sagada trip.

I just wanted to go somewhere to “de-stress.” Honestly, I’m not sure why I chose to go to Sagada; maybe it was because of the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” or maybe it was because it was too damn hot in Manila and I wanted to experience a cooler weather. *shrugs*

April 30, 2015

Rode a bus (Ohayami) for almost 10 hours to Banaue.

It was an exhausting ride. A fellow solo traveler, Cris, and I  both agreed that the ride was VERY uncomfortable because of the seat. It made our butt and back sore, so neither of us slept well during the whole trip.

May 1, 2015

Got to Banaue at around 8 am (I think) and had breakfast at Hidden Valley Restaurant. Nothing special about the breakfast, it was just the typical Filipino breakfast you see in any other restaurants.

After breakfast, we were divided into 3 groups and rode a jeep going to Sagada.

I couldn’t let this chance pass, so I rode on top of the jeep with Cris, Ralf (another solo traveler), and 5 others including our coordinator, Ihris.


The view was magnificent from the top of the jeep. It wasn’t safe, but it was better than straining your neck from the inside. It wasn’t that hot, so it was not a big deal.




We drove past mountains after mountains after mountains. Yep, you’ll be overwhelmed! If you love nature, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this trip.




Taking pictures while making sure that I did not fall down from the jeep was exhausting. Hahaha

There were bajillions of people going to Sagada at that time as it was a Labor Day weekend.

Sgd, Mt. Province

Stopover! Before we continued to Mountain Province.



Sgd, Mt. Province


Forgive my face, I was too excited to care. 🙂


From Banaue, we had to travel for 3 hours to Sagada. Stopover was like the half of the trip already, so we still had to travel 1.5 hours.






For some weird reason, this house reminded me of Tardis in Doctor Who. I know it’s not blue, I don’t know why it’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this house.



Killing pigs on the national road, only in the Philippines!


Bontoc Town Proper (?)

Before we entered Bontoc town proper, we had to go down and stay inside the jeep as it was prohibited to “top load.”

While most of the people were sleeping, I was sight-seeing, even it was straining my neck. The road was long and winding (no pun intended) and when we got to Sagada it was already a little past lunch.

Will post another entry for the afternoon trekking as this post will be super long if I still included that part here. Don’t want this to be long and photo heavy. 🙂


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