January to September

Less than a 100 days left and 2017 is almost over. Looking back, so much has happened. I met people. I did things I wouldn’t normally do. I went places. Experienced culture. Ate so much and gained weight. I went through a lot of emotions that I never thought I’ll feel.

I thought I was strong and fearless before, but 2017 proved me wrong. 2017 confused the hell out of me. It’s just like watching a Russian drama without any subtitles and background story. I had no idea how I was supposed to deal with what I went through. Am I proud of it all? NO! But those situations and stupid decisions thought me valuable lessons. I hated it to the core. I squirmed at the idea of going through all those shit, but it helped me grow. It helped me become a better person. It has also made me know myself better. I’m not all that strong, independent woman. I’m also a softee who will cry because of a guy or because life overwhelms her. I need my mom’s comforting words and hugs. Sometimes. I also need to be slapped in the face by dealing with situations that are way beyond my control. I can be dumb. I can be lost. I can be frustrated.
Life wouldn’t stop for me because I can’t keep up. It will continue. It’s already up to me how I will catch up with life. 

See this GIF below? That’s how 2017 was for me. Full of surprises. 


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