Something dramatic that I needed to get out of my system

I think I’ve already said this before, but I am really thankful for my friends. They’re the reason that I’m still sane, despite all the shit I am going and have gone through.… Continue reading

Random thoughts

Why work hard for something you wouldn’t inherit and benefit from in the future? Isn’t that pointless? Dedicating your whole life to something that you would leave behind when your old and gray.… Continue reading


I work six days a week and I couldn’t be more thankful to have Sunday as a day off. Since I have started working in my current job, I started to appreciate and… Continue reading

Pope Francis in Philippines

Saw Pope Francis after more than 9 hours! I feel so blessed to have finally heard and saw him even from afar! Lord, thank you for this chance. 😇 I can’t upload the… Continue reading

New Year, new hope

2015 just like any other year will present tons of opportunities and set backs. And this year presents an opportunity for me to learn from experiences and keep on improving myself.

On the loop with pop culture

Have you guys listened to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989? I have listened to it and I’m a converted Swiftee! Hahaha 1989 is such nice album, definitely my favorite album from Taylor Swift.… Continue reading

Of tattoos, smoking and threats

The friends are so concerned about you that they wouldn’t mind resorting to threats. This is not sarcastic, okay! I just find it really amusing. I’m really thankful that I have friends like them; ones who remind you not to do anything stupid and would go to lengths of pushing you into the right track.

Back from the unknown

I’m finally blogging again — venting my feelings and posting random stuff that don’t even interest other people.

The art of waiting

It was an emotional roller coaster these past few months. I remember crying almost every night because I felt so upset with myself and I felt like a total failure. I thought that… Continue reading

ONE ft. Wang Leehom

There is only one reality you will ever know. Which one will you live in? This video is inspiring me! Too much feels. 😀