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Have you guys listened to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989?

Taylor Swift 1989

I have listened to it and I’m a converted Swiftee! Hahaha 1989 is such nice album, definitely my favorite album from Taylor Swift. All of her songs in 1989 is a good listen. Unlike in her former albums, I rarely skipped a song in this album because the songs are eargasm. Out of the Woods is my clear favorite in this album, followed by New Romantics.

The album is giving me so much feels! Hahaha

Drowning in feels

I honestly don’t know why I am listening to her album, I’m not heart-broken and neither can I relate to some of her songs, but it’s so emotional that I love it! Maybe because I am that kind of person. Haha I just started listening to the album, when I heard my friend in the office listening to it.

My brother asked me earlier why I am suddenly listening and playing Taylor Swifts songs on loop. He must be weirded out because I usually listen to K-pop. 😛

Ohhh, I finally watched Interstellar last night with my office friends! It was amazeballs!!!


My brother and I were discussing it when I got home (he watched it in the afternoon with his friends). He then started explaining to me the concept of time dilation and quantum gravity, because he’s a major nerd! Hehe he’s a physics major that’s why he likes explaining to me physics concepts, which I weirdly enjoy. #nerdgasm

So glad that I watched Interstellar! If you haven’t watched it, you MUST watch it! I promise, you wouldn’t waste 169 minutes of your life! 😀


Of tattoos, smoking and threats

While fooling around and teasing my brother earlier, I randomly remembered my friends. To be honest, I don’t know the reason behind this. Since we’re already talking about them, let me share you some funny anecdotes from my friends.

Friend 1:

I’m a big fan of tattoos, nothing too fancy, just a simple one and I’ve told my friends that I want to get one. When I told this to my best friend of almost 20 years, here’s what he told me;

“Ayaw ko ng tattoo. Pag tumanda mag-sa-sag yung balat mo tas hindi magandang tignan… Hindi na kita friend kapag nagpa-tattoo ka.” (I don’t like tattoos. When you grow old, your skin will sag and it wouldn’t look good… You won’t be my friend anymore if you get a tattoo.)

Yes, my friend will “unfriend” me if I get a tattoo. If it was another person, I would have told him/her that I didn’t care, but that person has been with me almost my whole life so of course, I would value our friendship more than a tattoo. I never got a tattoo, so we’re still friends. I actually wonder if he would really hate if I’ve gotten a tattoo. Hahaha

Friend 2:

In college, it was necessary for us freshmen to choose between ROTC or NSTP. I don’t know why, but I chose ROTC. There I met a girl who became one of my closest friend. We bonded because we have a common friend and we had the same crush! I don’t know why she’s still my friend, when that girl made fun of me when I had to sing in front of our platoon (or our group)! I’m no singer, I just had to do something for an individual talent portion during that day. I still cringe when I think of that. Hahaha

Anyway, just like my other friend, I told this girl that I wanted to get a tattoo. She replied to me, “Wag kang magpa-tattoo. The body is the temple of the soul sabi nung pastor namin, kaya huwag.” (Don’t get a tattoo. According to our pastor, the body is the temple of the soul, so don’t get one.) Her reply is very spiritual that in a way it is funny. Please forgive me. Hehe

Friend 3:

Smokers who stand/walk beside or near me, piss me off. I was never a fan of smoking and even if I have friends who are smokers, I wasn’t influenced. I guess it’s also because my dad has always told me not to smoke since he’s not a smoker himself and maybe because I’m freaking stingy!

So one sunny afternoon, my friend and I were on our way to buy some grub, when we started talking about smokers. I asked her, what if I smoked. She abruptly cuts off my monologue and declared, “Hai naku, Alex, kapag nag-yosi ka hindi na kita friend.” (Alex, you wouldn’t be my friend anymore if you start smoking.)

Okay… So my friends are so ready to “unfriend” me if ever I do something stupid. It’s kind of cute, isn’t it? The friends are so concerned about you that they wouldn’t mind resorting to threats. This is not sarcastic, okay! I just find it really amusing. I’m really thankful that I have friends like them; ones who remind you not to do anything stupid and would go to lengths of pushing you into the right track.

Friends are the family you choose.

Wow, this post is starting to get cheesy. Haha

Oh by the way, please congratulate me for maintaining this blog! Six years ago, I decided to create this blog so that I can vent out my feelings and my obsessions.  Six years later, it’s still the same. I’m still an irresponsible blogger, but at least I still update once in a while. 🙂

Back from the unknown

Hello! I’m finally back from the “underworld!” Please excuse my corny joke, but yes, I’m finally blogging again; venting my feelings and posting random stuff that don’t even interest other people. So, hello dear readers, welcome! (That is if I even have readers. Hehe)

Forgive me for having commitment issues with my blog. Three reasons why I don’t post:

  1. I’m lazy (which is the main reason, most of the time)
  2. I’m full of angst that I can’t even construct a decent sentence. I don’t want this blog to be stained with profanities; I want to keep this blog clean.
  3. Lastly, nothing interesting is happening in my life, in short, my life is boring!

I don’t know what has gotten into me today, but I decided to blog, so yey!

April 25, 2014, I posted my the entry “The art of waiting.” I can still remember what I felt when I posted that entry; I was oozing with positivity and felt like I was on top of the world. I should be really feeling that way because I’ve really waited to hear that good news for months. My patience and faith in God was really tested at that time, and thankfully I’ve emerged victorious in that “battle.” After going through that experience, I’ve learned to be more thankful and patient in everything. I’ve also learned how to manage my stress better! Haha on a serious note, I haven’t blogged before because of all the angst in my life. I didn’t need to share the negative vibes to other people.

I think I have matured more during my unplanned hiatus from blogging, which is what I needed at that time. I needed to grow up, face the consequences of my actions and learn how to solve my problems like a mature woman. Maturity is what I needed since I’m already 24, but still act like an 8-year old brat sometimes.

You can say a lot has changed during these past three months, good changes to be exact.

How am I faring these days? Better! Better that I have been for the past 2 years. I wouldn’t say that my life right now is all about rainbows and butterflies, neither is it riddled with problems. My life right now is calm, just like the ocean during summer. There are waves, but not big and strong enough to shake my little raft. I’ve met people in this ocean; people who have become friends and allies of mine.

Wow, this entry is so bipolar! The first part is just chill, then come second part, I’ve become so deep. Haha, my laziness is getting me. Forgive me if I end this entry crappily.

I want waffles!

The art of waiting

It was an emotional roller coaster these past few months. I remember crying almost every night because I felt so upset with myself and I felt like a total failure. I thought that I would never be able to get out of this muck, but after months of prayer and buckets of tears, God has finally answered my prayers. There were times when I almost wanted to give up and there were times when I asked the Lord why I was going through “it.” Even if I questioned His plans for me, I never doubted that He will give me something better at the right time. Yesterday, I cried not because I am feeling frustrated and upset, but because I am overwhelmed by the blessing God has given me. As I’ve told my dad yesterday, this one felt “sweeter” because of all that I’ve been through. Thank you, God! 

god God tumblr_lz95u1afiN1qhmhdfo1_500 tumblr_m14tr93qg41qkou6ro1_500


Inspiring words that kept me going. 🙂

Cream Cheese brownies


Forgive me for posting this, but I just found this photo oddly beautiful. Hahaha and yes, it tastes good as it looks. Selling this on my online bakery. 🙂

Btw, don’t forget to check out GeLoves Bakery on Facebook. I also have a Twitter account, @GelovesBakery.

Order for a gift or even for yourself! Promise you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Brownie cupcakes

GeLoves Bakery


Hi, everyone! So I started a business recently, GeLoves Bakery. I’m selling baking goodies — brownies, brownie cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. Those are my products, so far. This weekend, I’m planning to “launch” two new products.

Brownie cupcakes
Brownie cupcakes

The brownies and brownie cupcakes are super fudgy and moist, perfect as a Christmas gift. Promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

To order, please check out GeLoves Bakery on Facebook. I also have a Twitter account, @GeloveBakery. 🙂

My dad is awesome

Despite all the sh*t that’s happening to me, I’m quite thankful that my dad still stands by my side. Despite my stupid decisions, he still supports me more than my mom. I love both of my parents, but I honestly love my dad more. At times like this, I can’t help but thank God for giving me such a wonderful, understanding, selfless and loving dad.

I’m writing this because he’s been so understanding lately, plus he’s always giving me words of encouragement. My dad’s the best! 🙂

Awkward Rant


I seriously question that girl’s ability to handle relationships! She always gets what she wants but she doesn’t seem to know how to keep it.

Awkward 2

Well, here's an advice from yourself!
Well, here’s an advice from yourself!

Jenna, you’ve managed to become the best female character on TV to the worst character in just three seasons! Way to ruin your life girl! Even if I like Collin’s character, I doubt you should be kissing that dude. Keep your lips off of him! Remember, you have a boyfriend!

Awkward 4 Awkward 7

I feel bad for Matty, how can you do that to him, when he’s been such an amazing guy? Sure, he’s not a perfect boyfriend and he has his faults, but Matty has been a wonderful person.

Matty's face is so heartbreaking.
Matty’s face is so heartbreaking.

I hate you Jenna and I hate your guts! Just because Collin likes you, you suddenly give in? Girl, you are way better than that. Congratulations on forgetting that you have a boyfriend and ruining your very own relationship. I am not really a part of Team Matty in season 2, but now, I am definitely on his side. I am seriously questioning Jenna’s ability to sustain relationships! How can she be so stupid?!

Awkward 5 Awkward 6

I want to bitch slap her. UGH!!! Forgive me for being too invested in this TV show.

*Goes to the corner and cries for Matty*

Awkward 3