International Adobo Day 2013

Filipino Food Network’s first ever International Adobo Day is celebrated at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in Subic, Zambales! Advertisements

Filipino Food Network and International Adobo Day

Let’s try an experiment! Go out somewhere populous, then randomly ask people what their favorite ulam is and write down their answers. If you get tired, go to your favorite coffee shop, buy your favorite… Continue reading

Protected: To My Dad

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International Adobo Day

Are you aware that the Philippines doesn’t have any national dish. Try typing the keyword “Philippine national dish” on Google and it would give you this: Unofficially, adobo has become the national dish of… Continue reading

Amatriciana and French Toast

There is a legitimate reason as to why there is a lack of activities here in my blog. 1. Work is a killer lately. I’ve got to do a lot of things, plus… Continue reading

Easy chicken and dumplings

I’ve been a really bad blogger. Forgive me for neglecting my blog. Chicken is always the easiest to cook among beef, pork and fish, and cooking it feels like a no-brainer. But, of… Continue reading

Finding my fairy tale

Let me take a break from posting my kitchen (mis)adventures and let me post something life related. By now, I guess you’ve heard about the Ai ai Delas Alas-Jed Salang break-up. The Philippine… Continue reading

Salisbury Steak

During weekends, I usually just stay at home. I am the total opposite of a party girl; I love being at home where I can extra lazy. If I’m not reading or surfing… Continue reading


I’ve been eating champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge, usually eaten for breakfast) all my life, but I’ve never learned to cook until it recently. It was always my Nanang (grandmother) who cooked champorado for the family. Nanang decided to… Continue reading

Soy-glazed dory

Cooking fish is always easy. Among pork, beef, chicken and fish, fish is my go-to ingredient when I need to cook something fast and easy. It really gets tiring when you always cook… Continue reading