Buffalo chicken wrap

It was one of those days where I was unlucky enough to ride a shuttle that’s really slow, I could drive faster! But then I have to be patient because I don’t have… Continue reading

Barbecued Pork

I love experimenting with new recipes and just like any of you, I get my recipes through (drum roll) Google! Sorry people, my mom doesn’t have a handwritten, yellowish and a bit tattered… Continue reading

Deep-fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich Wheels

What could ever go wrong when you put together ham and cheese? Both are yummy and you easily eat it without fancy-schmancy. It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m craving for a sandwich and guess… Continue reading

Visiting the Queen City of the South

My parents are not really the type of people who would just let me go anywhere I want, when I want. They’re pretty lenient, but when it comes to traveling my parents are… Continue reading

Uplifting communities through basketball

It always awes me how the Philippines seem to never run out good basketball players. Behind these players are stories of hard work and dedication to fulfill their dreams. It’s inspiring to see how one’s… Continue reading

Last Cinderella

Last night, while I was killing time on the Internet, I decided to checkout DramaCrazy. I wanted to watch a new Asian series, but I had no idea what’s new so I checked… Continue reading

Going back in time

I was supposed this last March, but because of my busy schedule and laziness I’m just posting this now. Forgive me. One lazy day, I decide to message one of my closest friends.… Continue reading


I rarely follow TV series. Some bore me to death, others are just too plain annoying to watch, and some are really looooooooooooong. I also think it’s because I don’t have the patience… Continue reading

Kamenashi Kazuya and Takeru Sato look a lot like each other

Before I became a fan of K-pop, I was actually a fan of J-pop… Fine, not the whole J-pop scene, but just a couple of groups and artists. I also enjoyed watching doramas,… Continue reading

Why doesn’t Kame use social media?!

There’s this old article I saw on Tokyohive while browsing about Kamenashi Kazuya. The article talks about why Kame doesn’t use social media. It’s a very simple article, no frills, no big words, just the reason(s) why… Continue reading