Amatriciana and French Toast

There is a legitimate reason as to why there is a lack of activities here in my blog.

1. Work is a killer lately. I’ve got to do a lot of things, plus I’ve been attending meetings and reports that needs to be done.

2. I went on a short vacation. I was supposed to post something during my vacation, but there was no internet in the province!

Okay, enough excuses.

If you ask me if what dish I can cook confidently, without hesitation I would answer, pasta! I think that’s the first ever dish I’ve “perfected.” But of course, my mom can still cook a better pasta dish than me. My mom has worked in Italy for almost 15 years, so without a doubt she can cook better. Hello, she has probably tasted the best pasta dish in the world!

I was a graduating college student when I first heard and tasted of the pasta dish Amatriciana. A pasta dish that came from the town of Amatrice. What I remember the best about this dish is its spiciness and the bacon!

Fast-forward to 2013, this my version of Amatriciana.


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Easy chicken and dumplings

I’ve been a really bad blogger. Forgive me for neglecting my blog.

Chicken is always the easiest to cook among beef, pork and fish, and cooking it feels like a no-brainer. But, of course, you need to put a twist to your chicken recipes so that you won’t get tired of eating the same thing over and over.

Found a recipe online, Easy chicken and dumplings. I think, I will try to cook any recipe I find online if it has the word easy or quick attach to it. Haha

OC tendencies! Created a circle of the dumplings. Hahaha If I remember correctly, there was a dumpling in the center.

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Finding my fairy tale

Let me take a break from posting my kitchen (mis)adventures and let me post something life related.

By now, I guess you’ve heard about the Ai ai Delas Alas-Jed Salang break-up. The Philippine showbiz was rocked when one of the best comedians in the industry announced her separation with her husband of 1 month, Jed Salang. Everyone didn’t expect it to come so soon. They’ve only been together as husband and wife for more than a month!

Photo courtesy:
(Photo courtesy:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted longer, can you believe it?! Continue reading “Finding my fairy tale”

Salisbury Steak

During weekends, I usually just stay at home. I am the total opposite of a party girl; I love being at home where I can extra lazy. If I’m not reading or surfing the net, you would see me baking or cooking. Cooking (and baking) relaxes me, even if I have to wash tons of utensils after every dish, but it’s always worth it when my brother and my dad love the food I’ve prepared.

As you all know, my brother is a picky eater. Unless he tells me or my dad that he wants seafood, it should always be meat –steak, pork chops, ribs are his favorite! During college, whenever my dad’s too lazy to cook or there’s no food in the fridge, he would tell us to order from a fast food chain (I guess that’s why I’m fat!). If we buy from Jollibee, we order chicken or burger steak. We’ve always enjoyed eating their burger steak, though it’s always bitin since it’s super thin and small!

Patties on steroids!
Patties on steroids!

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I’ve been eating champorado (sweet chocolate rice porridge, usually eaten for breakfast) all my life, but I’ve never learned to cook until it recently. It was always my Nanang (grandmother) who cooked champorado for the family. Nanang decided to teach me how to cook champorado, when I was craving it one afternoon.

Breakfast of the champions!
Breakfast of the champions!

Forgive me, but I don’t have a recipe for champorado; my Nanang always “wings” it. She doesn’t need measuring cups, spoons and recipe book in order to make the rice porridge; she just relies on taste. BUT, as always, Mr. Google is there to help.  Continue reading “Champorado”

Soy-glazed dory

Cooking fish is always easy. Among pork, beef, chicken and fish, fish is my go-to ingredient when I need to cook something fast and easy. It really gets tiring when you always cook fish fillet, I needed something new and of course, easy. When I created my 2-week meal plan, I was scouring through Pinterest, and that’s where I found this recipe. Btw, another thing I consider when cooking is the ingredients to be used. I don’t want to cook extremely hard recipes which requires tons of ingredients; I would only have the patience to that IF it’s my favorite food or it’s something that’s been occupying my mind for weeks.

Soy-glazed dory

One evening, after an extremely stressful commute back home, I started preparing my soy-glazed dory. Continue reading “Soy-glazed dory”

Buffalo chicken wrap

It was one of those days where I was unlucky enough to ride a shuttle that’s really slow, I could drive faster! But then I have to be patient because I don’t have any choice, might as well suck it up. I got home a bit late and I still have to cook! I didn’t what I should prepare… I have a meal plan but the fish has not been thawed, the pork would take longer to cook and the beef, well it’s harder to cook. So I was only left with one choice, chicken!

My brother has been craving for burrito since last Saturday. He told me, “I want to eat burrito, like what Wyett (his best friend) cooked.” So burrito it is!

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Barbecued Pork

I love experimenting with new recipes and just like any of you, I get my recipes through (drum roll) Google! Sorry people, my mom doesn’t have a handwritten, yellowish and a bit tattered cookbook. I just scour through the net and let my gut decide if it’s worth cooking or not.

Last weekend, I decided to make a 2-week meal plan, so that we’d get to eat whatever we want and not have tons of leftovers in the fridge. Making a meal plan is hard! So I salute those who are dedicated in making weekly meal plans. Anyway, me and my brother went grocery shopping which made me super excited (I’m more excited to shop for food than for clothes, trust me!). Bought the basics and of course, the ingredients on my meal plan.

I didn’t start cooking until Sunday’s lunch. First on the menu is this Barbecued Pork. Continue reading “Barbecued Pork”

Deep-fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich Wheels

What could ever go wrong when you put together ham and cheese? Both are yummy and you easily eat it without fancy-schmancy.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m craving for a sandwich and guess what we have…ham and cheese! I remembered this recipe from On a whim, I decided to make these bad boys!

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

It looks really nice, so I was really excited to make these. Continue reading “Deep-fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich Wheels”

Visiting the Queen City of the South

My parents are not really the type of people who would just let me go anywhere I want, when I want. They’re pretty lenient, but when it comes to traveling my parents are the strictest. It’s always hard to convince them to let me go somewhere. There’s no point in arguing with them. Instead of asking them, I sometimes just tell them I’m going somewhere without exactly telling them where I’m going. I know it’s a bad idea, they should know…just in case something bad happens. But I’m feeling a bit rebellious, so I go somewhere. Tsk!

Out of boredom and stress, I decided to book a flight going to Cebu. It was January and I’m feeling restless at work. I decided to go to Cebu on April because there’s a holiday and it’s the start of summer, plus the flights are cheaper!

Before booking my ticket, I’ve already been dropping hints to my dad, that I’ll be going to the Queen City of the South. He didn’t agree at first (what’s new?!), but after enough convincing and sweet talking, he finally agreed. I was super excited. It’s my first time to go somewhere alone and it’s my first time in Cebu.

One of my closest friends in college now lives and works Cebu. She was kind enough to let me crash at her apartment, so I didn’t need to book for a hotel. She was also the one who toured me around the place. When I think of my 4 days in Cebu, I get this fuzzy feeling. Maybe because I felt at home? Haha but I totally enjoyed my stay there. No regrets in filing a leave and not having a money the following week! Hopefully, I can do it again. Go somewhere and just enjoy the scenery, good food and hospitality of people.

Thank you, Cebu for welcoming me with open arms! I can’t wait to go back and explore the other places I’ve missed.

Where we went:
Where we ate:

Side story:

When I got to Cebu, my friend picked me up at the airport and we went straight to Maribago Blue Water Resort. Just before lunch, we were at the pool, swimming. Because I’m weird and reckless, I sort of dived on the pool. I “kissed” the bottom of the pool and got my lips busted. My upper lip was bleeding and it swelled up; I looked weird and pathetic. What a way to start my vacation in Cebu, no? 🙂

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