I think my blog is boring. Hahaha But it’s fne. This is where I put my rants and raves, I got tired of LJ. It’s kind of complicated. I am happier here in wordpress. 🙂 And besides, no one knows about this blog. They do know that I have a new blog, but they do not know what’s the address. Tsk, tsk. I want this to be more personal. But there is no personal in the cyberspace. So let me rephrase that. I want this blog to be a secret to my friends, but I want other people, besides my friends, to see this. Oh God, I think I just typed a run-on sentence. I’m secretly a big fan of run-on sentences, I just don’t know about it. Hahaha



I can’t wait for monday. 🙂 Please be monday already.

Earlier, we went to my former school and I saw a lot of my batchmates there. Even though it was super hot, I still had fun. And before me and my friend left, I saw someone. Quite unexpected! We shall go back there and find that person. Yeah! :p


This is such an awesome day. I would not elaborate, but I’m really happy. As in super happy. 🙂 Thank God! It was super unexpected. I even forgot about it. That e-mail made my day. Coolness!!!

Plus, I already bought my i-Pod. Although I will it on Monday, I think, and not today. But who cares. yey! I have a lot of things to be thankful for today.

All I can say is, AWESOME!


I think I’ve heard before that your room reflects your life. My room is messy, so does that mean that my life is also messy/troubled. I don’t if my life is really like that, but one thing’s for sure. My room is super messy. I think it shouldn’t be called a room, it should be called a storage area. There are papers on the floor, my clothes which I haven’t used are dump in this paper bag, there are boxes containing different things and my bed is such a mess that I can’t even lay there even if I want to. The last part was a bit exaggerated, I can lay there, I mean I sleep there, but I put tons of thing on top of it when I’m using my study table. It seems like a storm just passed by inside my room. Jeez. I really need to clean up, probably tonight, before I go to sleep.


At times, I get sad and jealous when I see happy couples on the streets- or wherever I am. It’s like, without them talking, they rub it in my face that I’m a girl with no boyfriend, who’s lonely, and longing for someone to love me and love them back.

I got this from someone’s tumblr. hehe

Sometimes, I feel like this but then I know time will come and I’ll also have a guy in my arms. Cheesy! :p

Slow day

This is such a slow day. I’m too lazy to do anything. I woke up really late. Ate marshmallows and cheetos for breakfast and lunch. What a weird way to start my day. How sick can I get? I’m hungry. I need to eat real food. I’m waiting for my grandma to finish cooking an awesome snack, a Filipino delicacy, which I really love ever since I was a kid.

Sunday is such a lazy day. The weekend’s almost over and tomorrow I’ll be back in school. Back to reality.

I’m really hungry. I guess I’ll eat something before chowing down on what my grandma cooked. FOOOOOD here I come!

Oh boy!

I can say that I have a really close relationship with my brother. There are times we don’t get along; we bicker, we threaten each other and there are times when we hit each other. But I think, that’s our way of showing love for each other. We express our love in a very different ways. I tell him, I love him and he would tell me to stop it. 🙂 He tells me he love only if he knows I’m already pissed or if he hurt me and I’m almost crying. That’s how we are.

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