I have issues

I think everyone does. On the lighter note. How can you be so heartless… I died and went to heaven. The FRAY IS <3. 🙂 My brother was listening to their rendition of… Continue reading


According to Emile Benveniste discourse is “every utterance assuming a speaker and a hearer, and in the speaker, the intention of influencing the other in some way. [It comprises] all the genres in… Continue reading


My good friend Ayka gave me a super-duper late birthday gift. Back in June, she promised to give me 2 books as her birthday gift for me. But she always forgot to bring… Continue reading

My 2 cents regarding the 2PM issue

I don’t know why I am still following the news about Jay “Jaebum” Park! Slowly I am losing faith that he’ll ever comeback. Reading stuff on different forums makes me think that fans… Continue reading

I want

I badly, badly want to buy this one. I’ve been saving up for this for almost four months and so far I already saved up 3/4 of its value. I only need a… Continue reading

What am I reading and following this past week

I was never really a fan of 2PM before. I never really liked them and I thought they were just another Korean group. My eyes was all for Big Bang. But I got really curious of them when I always read about the in different K-Pop blogs. I started liking them because of Jeabum. I thought he was really hot and I loved his washboard abs. Before I just look at their pictures and gave no reaction to it. I laughed really hard when I saw the video of Taecyeon accidentally punching Chansung. I thought it was hilarious. I never took them that seriously before. In short I never liked them at all.

Thank You!

If there is one thing that I dread the most, it would probably be facing terror professors. As much as possible, I try not to get “terror” professors or professors which are infamous. Infamous because they are like your worst nightmares, they give you killer quizzes, they give you TONS of paper works; research papers, homework, seat works and the like, they give you low grades even if you have given them your 100% best.

Hello world!

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