Ten Conyomandments

If you’re a Filipino you would know what is a conyo. I really can’t explain it, it’s hard to explain it. hahaha

I posted this article in my multiple site a year a ago. It was taken from our school newspaper, a sort of supplementary magazine, the Menagerie. So here it is.

Ten Conyomandments

by Gerry Avelino and Arik Abu

(taken from The LaSallian-Menagerie)

Conyo here, conyo there, conyo everywhere! Here at La Salle, conyospeak has become an unofficial language as a good chunk of the student body knows, or maybe even mastered the socialite tongue. However, one must never forget the basics of the conyo and we thusly bring you: The Ten Conyomandments.

1. Thou shall make gamit “make+pandiwa”.

ex. “Let’s make pasok na to our class!”

“Wait lang! I’m making kain pa!”

“Come on na, we can’t make hintay anymore! It’s in Andrew pa, you know?”

2. Thou shall make kalat “noh”, “diba” and “eh” in your pangungusap.

ex. “I don’t like to make lakad in the baha nga, no? Eh diba it’s like, so eew, diba?”

“What ba: stop nga being maarte noh?”

“Eh as if you want naman also, diba?”

3. When making describe a whatever, always say “It’s SO pang-uri!”

ex. “It’s so malaki, you know, and so mainit!”

“I know right? So sarap nga, eh!”

“You’re making me inggit naman.. I’ll make bili nga my own burger.”

4. When you are lalaki, make parang punctuation “dude”, ‘tsong” or “pare”

ex. “Dude, ENGANAL is so hirap, pare.”

“I know, tsong, I got bagsak nga in quiz one, eh”

5. Thou shall know you know? I know right!

ex. “My bag is so bigat today, you know”

“I know, right! We have to make dala pa kasi the jumbo Physics book eh!”

6. Make gawa the plural of pangngalans like in English or Spanish.

ex. “I have so many tigyawats, oh!”

7. Like, when you can make kaya, always use like. Like, I know right?

ex. “Like, it’s so init naman!”

“Yah! The aircon, it’s, like sira!”

8. Make yourself feel so galing by translating the last word of your sentence, you know, your pangungusap?

ex. “Kakainis naman in the LRT! How plenty tao, you know, people?”

“It’s so tight nga there, eh, you know, masikip?”

9. Make gamit of plenty abbreviations, you know, daglat?”

ex. “Like, OMG! It’s like traffic sa LRT”

“I know right? It’s so kaka!”



10. Make gamit the pinakamaarte voice and pronunciation you have para full effect!

ex. “I’m, like, making aral at the Arrhneo!”

“Me naman, I’m from Lazzahl!”

This is a really funny article, IF you can understand the Filipino language. I had a good laugh after reading this again after a year. This is a classic article, one you would not forget, even after you graduate from college. 😀



I think my blog is boring. Hahaha But it’s fne. This is where I put my rants and raves, I got tired of LJ. It’s kind of complicated. I am happier here in wordpress. 🙂 And besides, no one knows about this blog. They do know that I have a new blog, but they do not know what’s the address. Tsk, tsk. I want this to be more personal. But there is no personal in the cyberspace. So let me rephrase that. I want this blog to be a secret to my friends, but I want other people, besides my friends, to see this. Oh God, I think I just typed a run-on sentence. I’m secretly a big fan of run-on sentences, I just don’t know about it. Hahaha


I can’t wait for monday. 🙂 Please be monday already.

Earlier, we went to my former school and I saw a lot of my batchmates there. Even though it was super hot, I still had fun. And before me and my friend left, I saw someone. Quite unexpected! We shall go back there and find that person. Yeah! :p


This is such an awesome day. I would not elaborate, but I’m really happy. As in super happy. 🙂 Thank God! It was super unexpected. I even forgot about it. That e-mail made my day. Coolness!!!

Plus, I already bought my i-Pod. Although I will it on Monday, I think, and not today. But who cares. yey! I have a lot of things to be thankful for today.

All I can say is, AWESOME!


I think I’ve heard before that your room reflects your life. My room is messy, so does that mean that my life is also messy/troubled. I don’t if my life is really like that, but one thing’s for sure. My room is super messy. I think it shouldn’t be called a room, it should be called a storage area. There are papers on the floor, my clothes which I haven’t used are dump in this paper bag, there are boxes containing different things and my bed is such a mess that I can’t even lay there even if I want to. The last part was a bit exaggerated, I can lay there, I mean I sleep there, but I put tons of thing on top of it when I’m using my study table. It seems like a storm just passed by inside my room. Jeez. I really need to clean up, probably tonight, before I go to sleep.


At times, I get sad and jealous when I see happy couples on the streets- or wherever I am. It’s like, without them talking, they rub it in my face that I’m a girl with no boyfriend, who’s lonely, and longing for someone to love me and love them back.

I got this from someone’s tumblr. hehe

Sometimes, I feel like this but then I know time will come and I’ll also have a guy in my arms. Cheesy! :p

Slow day

This is such a slow day. I’m too lazy to do anything. I woke up really late. Ate marshmallows and cheetos for breakfast and lunch. What a weird way to start my day. How sick can I get? I’m hungry. I need to eat real food. I’m waiting for my grandma to finish cooking an awesome snack, a Filipino delicacy, which I really love ever since I was a kid.

Sunday is such a lazy day. The weekend’s almost over and tomorrow I’ll be back in school. Back to reality.

I’m really hungry. I guess I’ll eat something before chowing down on what my grandma cooked. FOOOOOD here I come!

Oh boy!

I can say that I have a really close relationship with my brother. There are times we don’t get along; we bicker, we threaten each other and there are times when we hit each other. But I think, that’s our way of showing love for each other. We express our love in a very different ways. I tell him, I love him and he would tell me to stop it. 🙂 He tells me he love only if he knows I’m already pissed or if he hurt me and I’m almost crying. That’s how we are.

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