I want a

I want a boyfriend. hahaha give me a boyfriend before I graduate from college. 🙂

I want a guy who…



My dad wouldn’t let me borrow money from him for my damn I-Pod! So uncool! I want to buy an I-Pod badly, as in BADLY. I need an I-Pod. Like hello, I never thought of saving up for it until I was in college. How loser can I get! Ugh!!! I would not stop asking my dad until he lets me borrow money from him. I saved up 2/3 of it, but I want to buy it already that’s why I am asking him. And besides I’ll really pay him. I just want to get hold of that I-Pod. Ahhh! I want to cry. Gosh, I am such a shallow person. F*ck my life!

In my mind

A day would not pass without me ranting how scared I am about our upcoming defense. I really just want to get it over with. As my group mate have said earlier, might as well get it over with. Please let Friday pass already. I really hope our topic gets approve. 🙂

I just want to vent this out. I’m not really that stressed, but I am starting to be stressed more and more each day.

I want a shar pei

Not because G-DRAGON have 가호 (Gaho). I wonder why GD named him Gaho. I think the dog’s cute. I suddenly want dogs. A Pomeranian a Shar Pei. 🙂 OH-SOME! :p Can shar pei’s just stay little forever? I want them to be puppies forever. Probably when I graduate or when I have work, I’ll buy a dog. 🙂 Oh gosh, too many plans after graduation. Pass all your subjects and finish the thesis first Gela! I can do this, we can do this! I have faith. 🙂

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According to Emile Benveniste discourse is “every utterance assuming a speaker and a hearer, and in the speaker, the intention of influencing the other in some way. [It comprises] all the genres in which someone proclaims himself as the speaker and organizes what he says in the category of the person.”

This is what I learned earlier in my Mass Media class. My professor told us to remember this because this is the most accurate meaning of discourse. And so I learned another thing today. 🙂

I’ll sleep already. It’s already 11?!? OMG! I have a 9:40 class tomorrow. Ok, I’ll sleep after I watch the We Got Married episode of Jo Kwon and Gain. They’re so cute!

I must prepare myself for the Thesis Topic Proposal Defense Proposal on friday. Wish us luck, I hope it gets approved. I’ll keep the faith. Pray for us, we need it badly. 🙂 We all want to graduate next June, graduate on time. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS please leave me alone.


My good friend Ayka gave me a super-duper late birthday gift. Back in June, she promised to give me 2 books as her birthday gift for me. But she always forgot to bring it to school and I am too shy to remind her. Last term we were talking about it she told me to remind her about the books. I reminded her, but guess what, she forgot to put the books in he bag. Sad! So she kept on telling me to remind her but I sometimes keep on forgetting to remind her. Hehe Just this saturday I asked her if I could buy her Introduction to Global Society (INTGLOS), one of our subjects in the uni, book. She said yes she’s willing to sell it to me. Last night I reminded her to bring the book for INTGLOS and she said BOOKS. I told her okay, then the BOOKS. I told her to put it already in her bag so that she won’t forget it again, esp. the INTGLOS book.

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My 2 cents regarding the 2PM issue

I don’t know why I am still following the news about Jay “Jaebum” Park! Slowly I am losing faith that he’ll ever comeback. Reading stuff on different forums makes me think that fans can sometimes be very selfish. Why don’t we just let it be and let’s stop making up theories regarding the things happening on the sidelines. It’s sad that all of these things are happening (the departure of Jay, boycott, theories about JYPe, pointing fingers at JYP for all the things surrounding this issue). I’ve had enough! Continue reading “My 2 cents regarding the 2PM issue”

I want

iPod Classic
iPod Classic

I badly, badly want to buy this one. I’ve been saving up for this for almost four months and so far I already saved up 3/4 of its value. I only need a couple of thousand to be able to buy this baby. I’m thinking of borrowing money from my brother but then I would still save up to pay for it, so why not just save up the money I need. Seriously, if ever I’ll be able to buy this iPod, this would be the first one I’ll own. Yes people! Call me NOOB or whatever, but this is my first iPod, ever! I didn’t asked my parents to buy me an iPod, although I was tempted to ask them. But I think I already asked for too much. My mom gave me a dSLR, while my dad gave me a Macbook. So asking for an iPod would be too much and besides my brother would hate me if I asked for this. He would think that my parents are playing favorites, so in order to avoid that, I did not asked them. And here I am saving up money for this new gadget of mine. i’m a bit techie, my friends think so too, but I don’t think I’m geeky. Hopefully by October I’d be able to buy this already. I’m almost done saving up for this and it makes me really excited, probably because this is the most expensive thing I’ve saved up for. I want the black one because if I buy the silver one, I would easily get it dirty. I suck at taking care of things! But one of my friends told me that I am vain in taking care of my laptop, he saw me cleaning/wiping it over and over again that’s why said that to me. I am trying my best to take care of the things my parents  gave me, it’s the right thing do. 🙂 My dad doesn’t know that I am saving up for this, only my brother knows and I have been “consulting” him whether I’ll buy a Nano or Classic. He suggested that I just get a Classic because it has a much bigger memory and the price are almost the same.

So yeah wish me luck and hopefully I can buy this and fulfill my dream of having an iPod. Last year (’08), I was telling my friends that I want an iPod for my birthday, of course they did not give me an iPod. Like me, they also don’t have an iPod so why would they give me an iPod. I still love my friends! 🙂

I’ll update this blog if I already have my new baby. I wonder what name I’ll give it. YES! I name my things. My dSLR’s name is XYLER, while my laptop’s name is PRAX. haha I want the name to have a letter X. hehe

Enough spazzing about my plans, I don’t know why I am blogging when I’m supposed to be studying. God help us with our thesis! 😦 Please pray for me.